Chem 565 Introduction to Scientific Glassblowing

It has returned!  

CHEM 565 is offered this Spring Semester

Course Description:

This course provides a basic introduction to the fabrication of scientific apparatus from glass. Topics covered include laboratory set-up, the fundamental skills and techniques of glassblowing, the operation of glass fabrication equipment, and requisite safety procedures. Emphasis is placed on manipulative skills and dexterity, as well as the basic tools, materials, and equipment found in a modern glassblowing facility. Students learn through formal and informal lectures, supplemented by extensive hands-on training in the methods of glass heating and manipulation. 

  • Chem 565L- Introduction to Scientific Glassblowing is a ½ credit graduate level course, and cannot be used toward any degree requirement. 
  • Class is held Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-10:15.
  • Class is limited to 5 students

Enrollment is as follows:

Sign-ups must be done in person with the instructor in Sterling Chemistry Lab, room 14.  The first opportunity to sign-up is offered to Chemistry Graduate students, January 12th & 13th.   What seats are available are offered to all Yale University students on a first come, first serve basis starting January 17th, at 9:00 AM.    Class starts January 19th.  If more than 5 students sign-up, the candidates on the list in excess of the first five, will have the first opportunity to fill any positions if vacated by any of the first 5.  All class material is provided, students only need to be on time and wear proper laboratory attire.  Please feel free to contact me to check availability.

A word of advice, this course requires that you put in extra time outside of the normal course scheduled time for practice.